Motivation For Today

Hello everyone! Today I’d like to offer some special motivation for people battling mental illness of any kind. If you are in the darkness, remember that this is temporary and you will soon be back in the light.

Here are a few things I do to lift myself up when I’m struggling with a bipolar episode or anxiety.

1. I search for guided meditations on YouTube that are at least a half hour long and lay in bed to meditate. It’s hard at first to quiet your mind but with practice it gets easier and more beneficial.

2. My Mother, who also battled bipolar, used to always tell me, “When you look better, you feel better.” Even if you’re not going anywhere, taking a shower, putting on some clean clothes and makeup for the ladies is a highly effective method to lift the spirits.

3. If you are religious, prayer and reading the holy book of your religion I assure you makes a huge difference.

4. Repeat positive self-affirmations to yourself like a mantra and even writing them on sticky notes and placing them in areas you will see them is a powerful tool.

5. Be extremely diligent in taking all your psychiatric medications daily. I take two as soon as I wake up and the rest at 9pm so I never miss doses.

6. Journaling and writing about your feelings is a fantastic, healthy outlet that has helped me literally since childhood and all throughout my adult life.

7. Join NAMI for only $40 and have access to online discussion groups and virtual or in person support groups. I highly recommend becoming a member of NAMI as it is chock full of resources for you and your loved ones. I am a member and have benefited greatly from it. The support and education I have received from being a NAMI member is enormous and comforting. Here is a link to their website:

8. Take care of yourself and make sure you stay hydrated and eat a lot of healthy, nutritious food.

9. The following vitamin and mineral supplements help support mood stability and have no negative side effects with psychiatric medications. There is plenty of research supporting that the following supplements help mood stabilization in bipolars:magnesium, fish oil, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, E, B1, B12 and folic acid.

10. Create a daily routine and stick with it until it becomes a habit!

Please share any methods you use to help manage your illness!



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